Take it with your Facebook Camera, and while you are at it, edit that sh*t

Well isn’t Facebook a funny creature? Sometimes it likes to shout about its shiny new looks, features and profiles and other times it sneakily rolls out changes under the radar for us to either completely ignore or get unnecessarily angry about months later.

Recently there are a few new changes that could have a big impact on the way we use the social network. The two that caught my attention are the Facebook Camera App and the ability to edit comments.

Ever wish you could just edit a certain comment you made on someone’s EPIC photo, or one line you just blew on a Facebook Philosopher’s status? Or that mighty typographical error you made on your status Well, here comes your chance, only, there is a downside, which I will tell you in the end. Take a look at these screenshots. I’ve tried them for myself, and it certainly works. Before this, the only way to edit a comment was to delete it by clicking the little X, then re-enter the comment. Well, that might make you beat the record of being “first to comment” or something of that nature – for people who are into that, cos as soon as you have deleted, your comment rival takes the chance to appear first (hence winning that bloody battle for “first comment receives an ‘I JST CMNTED’ Tee” Well, for those who don’t know that the feature has been gradually rolling out since last week, check out the screenshots below, and save yourself some shame – in a way (remember there is a downside). The screenshots are from a set I took from one of my friend’s creative works. His name is Pontus, and he designs great. You can friend him here. He calls the artwork “Birdplane”. Check out his website!

In the picture above, you can see my comment (stroked with red digital marker) and my little baby sister :*. Click on the image for a clearer view. To edit a comment, just click on the little X that normally deletes your comment. You’ll notice it now has two drop downs – Edit and Delete. As you might be seeing, I have commented “lmao…this is funny…..well done bro..” To edit your comment, just click Edit – as I have done below. Click for a larger image.

Editing a comment

As seen above, I have highlighted the part of the comment I want to edit – I decide there is something more hilarious than funny!

Edited Comment

In the screenshot above, I have changed the comment from funny, to hilarious. Click on it for a larger image.

#DRUMROLL…… Whats the downside, you ask?

The downside is that it shows Edited. Hence, your friends, and concerned stalkers would still be able to see that typo you made a while back, probably when you were a tad drunk, and didn’t know you had landed in Facebook City. Well, take care, and happy editing.

Another great feature is the Facebook Camera (which isn’t gonna be new for my tech savvy readers). Sorry to burst your bubble, you cannot take pictures with the Facebook Camera on your PC. Its an application, and we all know who they give all these cool cool applications to. That shiny fruit that always comes in white and glass. You got it right – Apple. iPhoners can download the app from the App Store, or request it to be sent to their mobile (If the links don’t work, redirect from here. It also gives you a stalk peek of which of your friends reached the app before you :p). It’s just like your oh-so-popular Instagram – which now has deeper Facebook integration, and a cleaner and user friendly web-look (NB: I don’t consider this Instagram for Web as most of the people on my twitter timeline are saying). You can upload sets of pictures at once like you could do on a regular PC, and tap to tag.

FB Camera Features

You can also watch the Video presenting the app below: