(At a table in a candle-lit rooftop restaurant overlooking the city-scape, a man and a woman sit gazing longingly into each other’s eyes. The following dialogue follows)
Man (taking her hand): Baby, I love you, and each time I look into your eyes, I see forever and a day; hold my hand honey, let’s walk this road together, be my wife, have my kids. Baby, would you please marry me?
Woman (stands up and lands a stinging slap on his face): I KNEW IT!!
Man (looking confused): Babe! You just slapped me! But why?
Woman: I just knew it!
Man: You knew what?
Woman: So it was you?
Man: Me? Jesus Christ! What did I do to you?
Woman (Pacing back and forth, pointing at the man): Ehn! So it was you all along?
Man(this time, he looks totally scared): Babe, you are scaring me!
Woman: Ha! Don’t tell me that. Even Pastor said he saw it!
Man: Pastor saw what?
Woman: Yes, pastor saw it! Even I (beating her chest) I saw it in my dreams! So it was you?
Man: Sweetie! are you alright? (he gets seriously confused and starts to smell the liquid in their bottle of wine)
Woman: Keep quiet and let me talk. I have waited more than two
decades, I have prayed, fasted, sowed all sorts of seeds, bought books and listened to tapes, even went out of my way to be nice to every male specie of marriage-able age! Every Saturday was a different mall, I went from the Accra to A&C mall, from Melcom Plus to Busy Internet, looking for you! I left my “chick-lit-flicks”, my Desperate Housewives and Tinsel for Sci-fi movies that I didn’t even understand, just so I could learn how to enjoy the things you love. I took up new hobbies, watching football and soring my thumbs at the Playstation. I went to Family Chapel, from Family Chapel, I went to Winners Chapel; from Winners Chapel , I went to Light house, from there I went ICGC, looking every where for you like I was looking for a needle in a haystack! (Turning around suddenly to face him) Now tell me, are you a needle? Did I have to buy a microscope or telescope to see you? I lost weight (grabbing the hems of her top), went from a size 14 to a size 10, so that when you see me you’d love what you see. I took a short course at Legon Business School, worked for all the Multi-nationals. I even opted to be seconded to Australia, I said to myself, “maybe he is white.” I came back empty handed! Then I left Accra, went to Kumasi, from Kumasi I went to Takoradi, then I went all the way to Sunyani, why? I didn’t even mind if you were a “nobody”. I joined Hi-five, from Hi-five to Facebook, then I went to twitter and started looking for you in my followers list, I even had a blog on which I ranted, posts without end, hoping you would show up! For where? I uploaded only my best pictures on Facebook, infact I took photo sessions to look my best, all for you o! My friends ended up match making me with every Tom, Dick and Harry, at first I didn’t like it, but as I grew older, I embraced it! I attended all the weddings, whether the invitation was direct or indirect! You know what they say about meeting your life partner at weddings? The next place I was hoping to check was the moon, before you crawled out, crawled out from the house directly next to mine! Ehen!! So it was you all this while? The neighbor I said hello to every morning? Were you trying to destroy my faith? You almost rendered my prayer life useless? What were you doing HIBERNATING in that house all this while? What were you waiting for? What sign where you looking for? Do you want to kill me before you reveal yourself?!!!

(man is speechless and confused, almost in tears, she then turns and sits with a mischievous smile on her face. Lowering her voice, she continued softly)

I have waited almost three decades for you, and all along you were next door. I have loved you in advance and missed you even more.
(She holds out her hand).
Now kindly be a gentleman, get down on your knees and put that shiny rock on my finger!!

N.B: (To all single ladies)

(To all the single men)

Post originally by Don Legzy, you can friend him on facebook here.

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