Remember when I posted “Weekend Wisdom“, well, if you followed the blog, you would have come across it somewhere in your email inbox. If you didn’t see it, “here it is“, and click here to send my new updates to your email.

Back to the story. So I wrote “Weekend Wisdom” feeling all like a bad guy and ish! Never knowing that somewhere, this my friend called Symiee (@ms_symiee) was planning to throw off my bad guy cap oh! Well, she opened a blog recently, and has been posting like a rabid blogger since she clicked that big orange Get Started Here button. She got it all in her sha, I was busy being an em.. being a blog-whore like my email-pal (internet version of pen pal! LOL) Henrietta calls it. LOL! And clicking linked profiles in comments and scrolling down people’s blogs finding something that seems interesting to me!

Although, this is really ‘by-the-way’, some people really need to fix their whole design concept. Some blogs are totally unreadable, or a pain to the eyes because of their choice of colors and themes, IMOO, a clean minimalist or not-so-minimalist layout is the best for the reader’s eyes

Ehem! I scrolled down Simi’s blog so teyyy.. So tey so tey so tey.. I saw this one that looks like mine oh! Then I said out loud! “Ehen!! Simi I have caught you today, y’aff tiff my post ba?”. LOL! Its not a bad thing to steal posts sha, but its a bad thing to be caught with a stolen post! Hehehe.. So I was about to BBM her oh! I was about to look for her trouble (kinda like my hobby). Playfully insult her with words like gbeborun, oloshi, ole, olorigborogboro, ori e o pe, oponu ni e, weray, and all those insults my Yoruba friends taught me (all for fun though, I wouldn’t want to get on her nerves) then I decided to read it sef. It was then I found it out

SHE DELIBERATELY OUTSMARTED ME *angry smiley here* *crying smiley here*

I was like WTH!! But she was good though, like really good. What she added made sense.

The post was basically the same concept as mine, with the numbers 1 to 26 representing alphabets A to Z. I concluded mine by equating “ATTITUDE” to 100%. Then saying your attitude towards things matter a lot – especially the positive attitude. Pretty cool huh? Simi equally stated the Attitude matters, then she added a BUT!!!

LOVE OF GOD = 101%

Hehehe.. Pretty smart yeah? Trust me, once you love God, your attitude and every other thing would be on a positive side, and you’ll be a better you! That was a good one – a really good one. She always tries to outsmart me. Always! And this time, I believe it worked ;).

So that’s my post. Stick to your faith, love God, and fly at 101% (stereotypes apart, the atheists among us might decide to be cruising at 100% *shrugs*) But as we all know, human beings are naturally greedy. Who doesn’t want one extra chicken or one extra parsley (for vegetarians) ehn? Who doesn’t? LOL!

That’s a post for the day. I hope your easter was well spent. A week-like weekend is almost over. And it was made in China *crys*. It didn’t last long!!!!!!

Have an awesome Easter Monday. God bless.

By the way, if you missed the link to Simi’s blog, here it is