Hybrid post – Inspired by Tola Adewunmi


Hey there friend, I guess your weekend has been going great. Well, here’s something to spark up a reaction in your brain. I call it a hybrid.

What’s a hybrid? You might ask. Well, it’s a true story kind of thing mixed with pieces of my imagination. More like a cocktail of true life and imaginary tales. I hope you enjoy it.

The original message was sent in a broadcast message by one of the great minds I know – his name is Tola Adewunmi.

It was a bright afternoon in Lagos, I had just visited my aunt in her peaceful Lekki residential home. I looked at the sky, clear and sunny. I guess the ocean wasn’t going to flow into Lekki anytime soon like rumor had it. After bidding Aunty Jane goodbye, I put in my earplugs and played a podcast I had downloaded the day before. After about fifteen minutes of peaceful walking, I got to the fourth roundabout, it was livelier than the residential areas, with the usual traffic, cars hooting and shouts from bus conductors hustling for passengers. I boarded a commercial bus heading to Obalende. It was a rush to get into the bus as one trip buses were a hard find in these times. Fuel prices had gone up and everyone was looking for a way to make some sort of quick cash – the drivers and conductors expanded their profit margin by dividing the journey into two, the taxi drivers would call high prices at first to see if they can catch ‘scapegoat ajebutters’ and if you were unlucky you’d probably pay twice the fare, the price of common bread had gone up by fifty naira, every thing that could be bought with cash was increased except the regular ‘pure water’. As soon as the bus driver opened the door,  I quickly held onto it and secured a place for myself by performing a quick body movement stunt – something which I learned during my primary school days. The traffic that day was really slow-moving. I figured it was actually going to look like a 1-hour journey for everyone who managed to board the bus that afternoon.

We traveled for some minutes and got to the second roundabout when a woman boarded the bus. She looked like a forty-year old, and wore a white-turned-brown gown that reeked of drugs and dried blood. I suspected she was either a nurse as her uniform gave her away, or a cleaner at a hospital because of the drug smell.

Mister Man, DRESS!!! DRESS!” she shouted using her buttocks to challenge the young slim man near the door.

Are you deaf? Kilonshele?” She shouted again.

Every one was amazed due to her hostility towards this young man. He carefully shifted inward without reacting. We thought that was all. Ten minutes into the drive, the young man got into a phone conversation. He wasn’t talking too loudly, neither was he really quiet, but it seemed like this phone conversation got the woman uncomfortable. Before we knew it, she was enraged.

IS THIS YOUR PARLOR?” She shouted, using her palms to hit the man. My first point of thought was that they had an encounter previously, but the young man seemed utterly confused.

There was a lot of chatter in the bus that afternoon. I gently tapped the young man not to worry, with an expression that seemed like I knew what was wrong with her, sincerely speaking, I had no idea. She arrogantly paid her fare and argued with the conductor over a torn change then it was silence as we went down towards our destination. Not even the radio was on. As every one gradually minded their businesses, I tried to understand what was wrong with this woman. When we finally got to Obalende, there was only one answer that came to my mind


I see young and old men every morning on the streets of Lagos at newspaper stands, flipping through Complete Sports or Soccer Star arguing over things like Ronaldo being a better player than Messi, they take the arguments personal to the extent of throwing curses on their families and getting into fist fights. At a point where I believe they should be doing something productive with their lives, they are arguing over unimportant things. What could be their problem?


Having lived in Lagos for a good number of years, I’ve witnessed many acts that define frustration better than the Oxford Dictionary. And this makes me ask myself a certain question over and over again.

Why? Why is it that many people have lost their sense of calmness. WHY WHY??  Why are some people extremely rich and some others living in extreme poverty. Why do some people flow in great success, while some fail in flying colors like it were their birth right? Did God create some people to be happy and leave others sad?

Those were the questions I kept asking myself as a growing child living in Lagos Nigeria.

Dear friends, I’ve been able to discover and understand some simple principles of life that govern excellence, they are just overwhelming. Hopefully I’ll share some of them with you one day. Your future is in your own hands, this is time to for you strive for excellence, there is a giant inside of you yet to be explored. You may not be the best in everything you do, but you can be the best with that potential inside you.

Thank you for reading

– Tola Adewunmi

So that’s my first hybrid post. I hope you enjoyed it. I’m cooking up some more hybrids based on life’s experiences, I hope they get pressed!


[Tola Adewunmi is a third year Electrical Engineering Student in KNUST, Kumasi, Ghana, and was the President of the International Student’s Association for the 2011/2012 Academic session. He successfully held a youth empowerment programme – The Catalyst Summit, and is a motivational speaker with the tagline – Transformation Africa. You can follow him on Twitter as @tola_ade and add him on Facebook – Tola Adewunmi] – Information valid as at time of press.


Live, Love, Life


I was walking through some part of town and I saw this quote

“True love is highly valued treasure found in exploring” – Chinese quote

 and it got me thinking, how long do you have to explore before you find your soul-mate.

Someone once told me,





So how long before you find a heart sharer, you never know when your beats will go away.

There can be times when you like someone, and the person just doesn’t care as much. Yes, some people are really good at suppressing feelings, but why not show that you care once in a while? Crazy yeah?

There is no life without a partner

No answers without a question asked

No emotions without a conscience

No friendship without you!

Everything in life can be achieved by planning and taking deliberate steps, but you know there are certain things in life that come unplanned and you need to have courage for a great leap. Risks must be taken at some point in time.

It only takes a minute to crush on someone

Probably takes an hour to like someone

Not more than a week to love someone

But to forget someone, that takes a lifetime, you’ll be dead before you forget.

Don’t go for looks – they can be deceiving.

Neither should you go for wealth – even that might fade away.

Go for someone who will make you smile for a longer time that they might make you cry. (You cannot deny it, sometimes, the people you love will make you cry)

Go for someone that makes you smile, because it only takes a smile to make a dark day seem bright.

Explore, carefully and wisely, find that special one that makes your heart smile, and never let go of her/him.

To end this post, I’ll quote Elizabeth Barett Browning

If thou must love me, let it be for naught
Except for love’s sake only. Do not say
‘I love her for her smile, her look, her way
Of speaking gently, for a trick of thought
That falls in well with mine, and certes brought
A sense of pleasant ease on such a day’
For these things in themselves, Beloved, may
Be changed, or change for thee, and love, so wrought,
May be unwrought so. Neither love me for
Thine own dear pity’s wiping my cheeks dry,
A creature might forget to weep, who bore
Thy comfort long, and lose thy love thereby!
But love me for love’s sake, that evermore
Thou mayst love on, through love’s eternity.

PS: Check out http://librivox.org/ for inspiring pieces of poetry and audiobooks that are stocked in the public domain.

Like many, love all, but stay in love with ONE – Youkay Agwu (2009)

A wonderful weekend to you all!

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Oh! My God!!!! So how did he/she/he get pregnant?? :s

Fellowship of the Minds

Radar:  Pregnant Man Thomas Beatie has split from his wife of nine years.  The transgender male announced Thursday that he and Nancy, 49, were no longer together during a taping of TV show The Doctors.

Beatie, 38, made headlines when he became the first known legal man to give birth back in 2008, to daughter Susan, and has since had two more children; Austin, nearly three, and Jensen, 21 months.

He also revealed that he has had his final female-to-male gender reassignment surgery. Nancy hasn’t seen the new me yet,” he said on the show and explained that their relationship had been rocky. “Like all marriages, we have our ups and downs, and we’re going through a rough patch right now,” he shared. “At the moment, we’re separated.”

Although he legally became a man 10 years ago, Beatie opted to keep his female reproductive organs in place and the image of…

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Although I’ve not had a first had use of this craze-inducing app called “Instagram”.. I feel its a great one, and Mark Zuckerberg or (Mark Zugabug as said in this funny video http://bit.ly/IeoVZh on Nigerian Subsidy Removal). Well, Mark Zuckerberg has invested in something useful. I just hope he’s not just buying it for buying sake, but with a goal in mind. Have a great day.

Eta's Digital WareHouse

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a popular photo-sharing app is worth far more: Facebook announced it is purchasing Instagram for $1 billion.

To put the sale in perspective, the Wall Street Journal’s Dennis K. Berman tweeted: “Remember this day. 551-day-old Instagram is worth $1 billion. 116-year-old New York Times Co.: $967 million.”

The purchase of the San Francisco-based photo-sharing app is the largest financial acquisition in Facebook’s history and is being made in cash. The deal will be completed by June, according to the AP.

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Remember when I posted “Weekend Wisdom“, well, if you followed the blog, you would have come across it somewhere in your email inbox. If you didn’t see it, “here it is“, and click here to send my new updates to your email.

Back to the story. So I wrote “Weekend Wisdom” feeling all like a bad guy and ish! Never knowing that somewhere, this my friend called Symiee (@ms_symiee) was planning to throw off my bad guy cap oh! Well, she opened a blog recently, and has been posting like a rabid blogger since she clicked that big orange Get Started Here button. She got it all in her sha, I was busy being an em.. being a blog-whore like my email-pal (internet version of pen pal! LOL) Henrietta calls it. LOL! And clicking linked profiles in comments and scrolling down people’s blogs finding something that seems interesting to me!

Although, this is really ‘by-the-way’, some people really need to fix their whole design concept. Some blogs are totally unreadable, or a pain to the eyes because of their choice of colors and themes, IMOO, a clean minimalist or not-so-minimalist layout is the best for the reader’s eyes

Ehem! I scrolled down Simi’s blog so teyyy.. So tey so tey so tey.. I saw this one that looks like mine oh! Then I said out loud! “Ehen!! Simi I have caught you today, y’aff tiff my post ba?”. LOL! Its not a bad thing to steal posts sha, but its a bad thing to be caught with a stolen post! Hehehe.. So I was about to BBM her oh! I was about to look for her trouble (kinda like my hobby). Playfully insult her with words like gbeborun, oloshi, ole, olorigborogboro, ori e o pe, oponu ni e, weray, and all those insults my Yoruba friends taught me (all for fun though, I wouldn’t want to get on her nerves) then I decided to read it sef. It was then I found it out

SHE DELIBERATELY OUTSMARTED ME *angry smiley here* *crying smiley here*

I was like WTH!! But she was good though, like really good. What she added made sense.

The post was basically the same concept as mine, with the numbers 1 to 26 representing alphabets A to Z. I concluded mine by equating “ATTITUDE” to 100%. Then saying your attitude towards things matter a lot – especially the positive attitude. Pretty cool huh? Simi equally stated the Attitude matters, then she added a BUT!!!

LOVE OF GOD = 101%

Hehehe.. Pretty smart yeah? Trust me, once you love God, your attitude and every other thing would be on a positive side, and you’ll be a better you! That was a good one – a really good one. She always tries to outsmart me. Always! And this time, I believe it worked ;).

So that’s my post. Stick to your faith, love God, and fly at 101% (stereotypes apart, the atheists among us might decide to be cruising at 100% *shrugs*) But as we all know, human beings are naturally greedy. Who doesn’t want one extra chicken or one extra parsley (for vegetarians) ehn? Who doesn’t? LOL!

That’s a post for the day. I hope your easter was well spent. A week-like weekend is almost over. And it was made in China *crys*. It didn’t last long!!!!!!

Have an awesome Easter Monday. God bless.

By the way, if you missed the link to Simi’s blog, here it is

A wonderful Easter and a happy Passover to you all

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Hello friend, compliments of the season.
I got this in a BC (BBM broadcast message) this morning, and it got my head twisted! Its not like I don’t know English, but I’m not a fan of complex and obviously ‘borrowed’ words. I say borrowed here because as we all know English is a popularly ordered cocktail of different languages. Here it is:

Easter Greetings From Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon.

“Beyond the fugacious razzmatazz of the moment, I seriously call attention to the rutilanting and coruscating modus vivendi of Master Jesus the Christ and I dare pontificate that save and until we viscerally emblematize the virtues of self-immolation, quintessential abnegation, eulogizeable simplicity, Christ-like humility and immerse ourselves in a platonic emotionalism of agape love and communalistic service, we would have woefully failed in learning and imbibing the true meaning of EASTER.

We must elevate this moment from a proscenium of joie de vivre into one of meditative transcendentalism”.

Happy Easter!

LOL! Even though my phone brings most of the words as errors, I wouldn’t condemn the message as grammatically incorrect because the English junkies would attack me from all corners.

For the Christians, Christ is Risen!
For the Jewish, its the Celebration of The Passover.

Let us all use this moment to reflect on our spiritual lives. Yes! There are probably very few people on earth who are a unit distance close to God (trust me, even those who claim to be aren’t) but let us all try to draw as close as we can to The Creator.

Happy Easter, Pesach Samiech! May God enrich you and your family with the beauty and bounty the spring season brings (Although I do not call it spring where I’m from :$).

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