Sometimes, guys get turned off by someone who gives them all their time (or as you say, are ‘available’) especially if they’ve known the girl for so long and there’s nothing else to know about each other. Other times, they’ve just got their eyes on someone else and the girl doesn’t seem to understand this. Well, generally, guys like girls who are the so called ‘hard to get’ and one of my good female friends tells me this is same for girls. They like ‘hard to get’ guys. So it ends up being a dilenma. The girl would think the guy is playing hard to get, although he got his heart set on someone else. Life and love.. Are really complex :(. Sometimes, someone might have to fall into heartbreak in order to find happiness in love. Other times, someone would have to stay single… But we all have to keep hoping the singularity isn’t for too long ^_^

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Simple title…Not so simple matter

I’m a blog whore and I just love reading stuff, especially relationship related ones.. LOL.

So as I was perusing the numerous blogs I follow, I found this one on Diva Caroline and I could relate.

Well maybe I’m having some man troubles but who doesn’t go through this though.♥

I personally feel that if a mature (for emphasis sake)  guy likes you, he would never keep you guessing. My two (2) shillings really. But it really can be that straightforward. You won’t have to ask ‘Where is this going’ or ‘Whats up with us?’. A friend told me that the minute you start asking this and he knows that what you want is a relationship, he begins to act funny and could be the beginning of a downfall or something like that. I ask why! Why must it be like this. The…

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