A work in progress

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During the Christmas holidays, I got some of my creative juices flowing, and decided to give After Effects a spin. After a couple of days, scrolling frame by frame, bit by bit in the song Omo to shan by Olamide and Wizkid, here’s what I came up with. I hope you enjoy it

Omo to Shan Lyrics Video

PS: It is still a work in progress as school and some other work has taken most of my time. Please share with your friends also. 🙂


Photography – My Hobby; Engineering – My Study; Multimedia – My Life.


This semester has been quite hectic so far –  from the pending designs that waited for me to return back to school from the OccupyNigeria Strike, to trying to catch up with what they had done in class when I returned. Trying to juggle everything at once seemed like a tiring thing at first, but now, it seems like my body has gotten used to it. Now I write lists of important things I need to do at the beginning of the day, and try as much as I can to tick through all of them. I had plans of doing some hobbyist photography as a way of relaxing during weekends, but till now, I haven’t gotten the chance. Hopefully, it’ll come round. I love taking photographs of people, objects, food, vegetation, almost everything that deserves to be seen through my viewfinder. In all cases, I always try to balance this hobby of mine with my university education. Only God is my strength in that area :). I dream a lot, and by God’s grace, I am going to transform these dreams into goals then achievements. By the way, you can add me to your circle on Google+. Here’s a link to one of my photo albums to help you on that. I’ll be posting most of my pictures there. Have a great Sunday, and a wonderful week ahead.

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