I don’t know about you, but I use Google Maps quite often. Sometimes it might be for the fun of seeing the arrow move when I’m moving, sometimes, to register new places I can check into on FourSquare, and most of all, when I’m in a new area (when I’m lost, don’t want to get cheated by taxis or if I simply want to get to a destination that would be more economical if I walked :D)

And today, the latter was my reason. When I dropped off at the last stop of the vehicle from accra (the VIP station) which was mislabelled on google maps as NeoPlan station (I had seen a NeoPlan station which wasn’t on the map though)

When I dropped off, I opened up google maps and simple search for directions to the registrar general’s department. The app brought this up immediately and I changed parameters to “travel by walking”. Of course, walking is always my first choice in any situation because when you are depending on your parents for money, you shouldn’t request above a certain total limit (well, for me that holds) but in this case, the app showed ‘ETA: 1hr 30mins)’ which means Estimated Time of Arrival: An hour 30 minutes. I quickly changed the parameters back to car. ETA was 15minutes. Issorai 🙂 the first cab guy at the park came along. I had already searched for the office on the map, and found that it was located on a certain Kinbu Road.

“Kinbu Road, Registrar General’s” I said boldly, like I was a resident in that area.
“15cedis” he said

In my head it rang as 1cedi per minute. Its not me and you, I quickly moved on without bargaining. The next guy I met said 10cedis. This sounded like a fair deal.

“How much last?”
“10 cedis abi e be Registrar General’s”
“10 cedis massa”

Toh! I wanted to return to kumasi today, so no wasting of time.

“Oya less go”

After a few minutes of driving, stopping at lights and turning, we finally got there and I dropped.

A wonderful lady attended to me at the Registrar General’s place, and when it was time to pay the fees, I had to visit the Bank.

A google map search gave me about five different locations with the nearest on appearing at the top.

“EcoBank Ghana,… Kinbu Road”

I was overjoyed, this meant I could walk there 🙂 I started my journey. After a few minutes of flip-flopping down Kinbu Road, then turning right into Independence avenue then turning left again into the other side of Kinbu Road, I found myself in a market. This was strange to me because in most of the places I’ve seen banks, I usually find them in clean organized quiet banky banky regions – all of the banks lined up like school children along the side of the road. But this wasn’t the case today. Toh! I decided to have a long look at my map to make sure I wasn’t going the wrong way.

After about a minute of not lifting my eyes.
Arrrgh!!!! Kai.. My feet hit a stone 😥 a really large one. Upon all the impact pain, I had to form like it didn’t pain me and keep on walking oh! Before these market people start looking at me any how. About 20 seconds of walking, I felt liquid on my palm slippers. OMG! it hurt more and more! Finally, an EcoBank magically appeared in front of me. Oya ATM osiso!! According to some article like that I read on the net, ATMs hold more germs than toilet seats. I wonder why that came into my head at that moment, but abeg, time is running out. I put in the amount I wanted to withdraw!!

“Sorry maximum amount of blah blah exceeded, please put in something less than XXX.XX”

WTH!! *sigh* and I wasn’t with my checkbook. Off I headed to customer care. Luckily for me, Ecobank has top notch customer service. After a few enquiries I was told to write a formal letter to this requesting for that. Choi! More minutes counting. Registrar General’s closes at 4pm :|! I wrote the letter, the gentleman customer care signed and I was left with the long queue of people. Why?? Why?? Why is it today that people decided to come and withdraw money now??. I decided to check into foursquare while I was waiting 😉 who knows, I might turn out to be mayor someday.

30 minutes later, I got my cash and off I was again. Actually running to the office. This time I had my eyes on the ground and didn’t use my trusted google maps again. Unfortunately, I hit a few people out of which only two looked at me like they were going to kill me ;)! LOL! On my way back, I bought a magazine for my entertainment on the way back, and was so thirsty I decided to stop and have a drink. A COLD coke later, and I was feeling really happy. Now I know why my sweetheart loves Coca Cola Coke so much! I found a couple of shortcuts and had the thrill of running across the road with people while card were moving! LOL! A few minutes later, I found myself on the other side of Kinbu street, and I noticed something you would probably not notice often. PEOPLE STILL USE TYPEWRITERS IN THIS CENTURY!! 😮 it was really weird seeing a whole wall lined up with people with typewriters, typing away at documents with their CLIENTS sitting beside them on wooden stools. My God! Man must survive no matter wetin u gats do oh! Anyhow sha, I got back to the office and met an uncle of mine (not directly related though – just one of the people I call uncle) and he was meant to sign here.. And there. And in a few minutes he was done. More minutes later, the lady was done, and said she’ll get back to me concerning what I came for (I pray God grants me success in this one o:))

I left the office with 100% hope in me! 😀

“VIP park” I told the taxi driver
“Which one”
“Circle terminal” I said boldly. You know the usual google map area searching thing.
“6 cedis”
In my mind, I felt the first guy cheated me, but checked the map and saw that the first trip was actually longer than this one.
“Massa 5 cedis, you’ll drop me across the road, I’ll cross by myself”
“6 last” he said

Kai. He had the upper hand, because it was already drizzling, and I really wanted to leave accra before 5pm. I briskly entered.

Some traffic lights, some turns and some stops later, I was across the park. Time to board. I quickly went for the cheapest one. Damn fuel price increase had increased everything in sight. The buses which took 20 cedis to Kumasi now took 25 cedis. I opted for the 18 cedis one, after all its just my school bag I had on me, and the comfort was a quite okay.

Well, here I am, its 5:52:15 PM in ghanaian time, and I’m in a ‘VIP Jeoun’ on my way home. I pray God grants me journey mercy and success. 🙂 I’ve read my magazine, and I’ve finished the second half of the expensive and un-enjoyable tiny 2 cedis bread I bought from Linda Dor’s on my way to accra and I hope my room mate hasn’t finished the fried rice I prepared yesterday. I really hope. LOL. Till my next post, remain blessed, and have a great week.