The iPhone queue

The iPhone Queue - (Photocredit Guardian)

30 years ago, if you told your grandparents that one day, you would be able to send a letter from your home and send it to your aunty who lives in a far side of the world within a time span of 30 seconds, i bet they’ll just confirm you as a powerful witch or wizard.

25 years ago, if you told your parents that one day, you could talk to your uncle who hasn’t come home from abroad for years via a small palm sized device, then you’ll be considered as extremely confused or insanely stupid.

20 years ago, if you were sitting among your peers, and told them that not only could you talk to your aunty abroad, but see her as she is preparing her dinner of chilli con carne, I’m pretty sure they’ll be whispering among themselves “that’s the crazy one among us“.

10 years ago, tell someone to excuse you so you can gist with your phone, I’m sure the person will never talk to you again.

Last week, Apple Inc. released the iPhone 4S in some countries around the world, and Mac fangirls and fanboys queued for days just to be in line to get a sleek but complicated block of aluminum. I heard the first guy to get into one of the stores was on the line for 10 days. How jobless can someone be! SMH. Well, IMHO, this new iPhone is a great advancement in technology not only because it packs the new iOS5 or shoots video in high-definition, but it also comes with a virtual personal assistant and packs all this power in a thin body. Well, I’m not here to talk about the iPhone, you can find more of it on the Apple site or for less biased information, check PC Mag’s review site. I’m here to talk about Siri.

First off, What is Siri?

Siri is a personal assistant originally developed by some good software developers, then bought off by Apple Inc. and revamped for shipment with the iOS5 (according to Apple, it is only available for the iPhone 4S, but i know there are guys who would find a way of modding it into their iPhone 4s). Well, Siri was bought off its developers for a pretty large sum of money after the developers announced that they wanted to make it available for more phone softwares (the Blackberry OS and the Android OS). We all know Apple to be quite selfish though. I think you can refer to Siri as an inanimate but extremely animate thing (don’t mind my use of opposites here). Siri can be a ‘He’ or ‘She’. It depends on where you are though. In the UK, I hear Siri’s voice is male. In the US, I hear Siri’s voice is female. Well, who cares? I would prefer a female PA either ways. so from now on, I’ll just keep on referring to Siri as the female gender. LOL.

Siri takes in stuff you would normally say to a human being and gives out feasible answers. You can ask her for the weather, traffic conditions in a certain part of the city, simple mathematical stuff and more. She can also book you appointments, play your favorite tracks, alert you when the timer you told her to set previously is up. She sends emails, text messages, has an attitude, and packs some rounds of humor. She can even be likened to a virtual house girl who of course, cannot wash your clothes or put on the TV for you (although she might do that sometime in the You know, it’s an Apple thing, you WILL need to have Apple TV for her to be able to press ON :x).

The downside here is that Siri doesn’t work outside the United States and the UK yet, and yes, Siri doesn’t understand everything. according to Apple though, she is still in beta state, and improvements will be made on her soon. Siri doesn’t always do what you tell her to do too sha, she sure has a ‘mind’ of her own. LOL.. You can feed your eyes on The Apple Siri Ad. Here’s a really funny spoof of Siri on Mac that I found.

Seriously though, I can’t imagine people sitting down on park benches in the UK, all of them talking to their phones, actually gisting. It’s a wide state of accepted madness. Where I come from, a general definition of someone who is mad is someone who speaks to inanimate things and interacts with it as if it were a real person and also eats stuff he/she picks from the bins. Well, does the iPhone have a life? Does it breathe air? Does it eat food? Does it fall in love with you even though you love it so much? LOL! It would soon become madness on a global scale.

*Disclaimer*: This does not mean I would not join in on the madness if I could afford it

Since the iPhone 4S came out last week, and people have gotten their hands on it, they are experimenting with a whole lot of questions on this Siri babe oh! Search for ‘Siri’ on twitter and if your eyes are stable enough to read through about a million people’s ‘hundred and forty characters’, you’ll definitely come across some screenshots of Siri at work (Lest i forget, when you speak to Siri, she replies both in voice and in text). Well, I have gone through the trouble to save you from hurting your eyes and have come up with some really nice ones, which show Siri’s funny – and not so funny – side

The text enclosed in quotation marks is what the user said. Enjoy!

Thanks to STSS and Siri + Me for the images. You should check out their sites for updated screenshots