Last week, for more than two days, RIM (the company behind this great but evil device called The Blackberry™) suffered a server outage that left more than 70 million active subscribers unable to access BBM, internet, email and internet connected apps. My original post on that can be found here.

Few days later, they fixed the problem, and blamed it mostly on a large amount of email logged on their servers, and also server backup failure. The rest is still being investigated and consequently, I can’t find some of my really old device based emails due to some unknown reason. My second part of the same topic is found here.

Now, it seems after a couple of board meetings and hard-core brainstorming, they have decided to pacify us with free apps. Yes! Free apps! I’m not talking about the apps you would normally find with a ‘free’ tag on the Blackberry App World. No, not that. I’m talking about them dashing us (giving out) premium apps. For now, I hear they are giving out titles such as:

  • Sims 3 by Electronic Arts
  • Bejewelled by Electronic Arts
  • iSpeech Translator Pro by
  • Photo Editor Ultimate by Ice Cold Apps
  • Enterprise by

The thing here is that will free applications really pacify us? Will it really be fair compensation? For someone like me who has 4MB of application memory left (as of the time of writing), will it cause any positive change to my feelings for RIM. I’m not pissed off about the issue though, because as their name implies, its a research in motion, so why would a lab rat complain when an experiment goes wrong. I can’t complain, and I won’t throw my phone away. But for general compensation, I was expecting something more for regular BIS users. Preferably, a month of free BIS (as MTN Ghana gave to some of her customers as compensation for network problems). BES users get a month of ‘technical support’. And we loyal BIS users (at least I have been loyal by being active for 5 months in a row) get applications which won’t do much good even though they have an approximate value of $100 (as they said)

Also, how about people with really old Blackberries? I have a friend who uses a ‘Curve 1’ (dead, right? Well, he has BBM and can browse..LOL!) How about those people? No offense really, but can apps be installed on that device?. It’ll really be an unfair compensation oh! Especially when compared with my classmate’s Bold Touch with 8GB of application memory. Mshewww!!!

The press statement by Mike Lazaridus (CEO of RIM) goes like this:

“We are grateful to our loyal Blackberry customers for their patience. We have apologized to our customers and we will work tirelessly to restore their confidence. We are taking immediate and aggressive steps to help prevent something like this from happening again”

I translate it as this:

We are happy that our loyal lab rats exercised patience in their own little ways. We have begged you and now, we are assuring you that more experiments will go on. Also, we are taking immediate and aggressive precautions to make ensure you stay within the lab zone. You know there is no other lab that does what we do. However, here are some premium games and apps for your free enjoyment. It’s not everyday you get free food y’knw ;)”


Oh well, for those of us interested in the free stuff, check the app world as from tomorrow October 18th 2011. The offer extends till November 30th 2011. For me, I’ll just sit back and relax, hoping, praying, expecting, free BIS for that period of time. LOL. And also, maybe, play Bejewelled while I wait.. X_X!

Till next time, cheers. And don’t sell or throw away your Blackberries. I hold mine tight.. 🙂



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