So they have fixed the supposedly email filled servers. So they have sent back the service to us. So they have brought back our daily thumb trance. What next? Choi…

RIM reported that it was a whole lot of emails that clogged their servers for the second day of outage. What caused it the first day? Its still being investigated. But what I wonder is that they make a whole lot of money from this business they got into, and yet they can’t upgrade to ultra high tech servers and computers (such as that NASA uses..LOL..) No, critically speaking, they knew what they were getting into when they decided to produce something that’ll help people keep in touch. Although their first phones looked all unattractive, didn’t they figure that aesthetics brings in more people? And by more people, I mean teenagers.

IMOO, teenagers are the second cause of this outage. My own take on the first cause is found here. The other day at the airport, I saw a family of four, the youngest member not older than 10 years. All of them, except their dad seemed to be in a thumb frenzy. What is the world turning into? Come on, the original purpose of the Blackberry was to deliver email to top level business professionals that are constantly on the move. Now, its all turned upside down. So sad! It’s such a sad thing that a certain teenager somewhere in Europe was reported to have thrown her phone into the swimming pool on the first day of server outage. Well, now its back, and I bet she is going to get another ‘BB’. I am not an exception though, because most times, I’m found thumbing away at my phone’s full keyboard desperately trying to reply important people as quickly as possible.

My service came back on yesterday around 7pm (Greenwich time). And to test the service, I sent a PING to myself (don’t ask me why I would add myself to my own blackberry) the delivery was fast. And I was overjoyed, until I noticed that the recent updates that came in every few seconds were lagging in quantity. What happened? I started sending messages to a people. Omo mehhn… It seemed as if the other BB users had an early night.. LOL.. People that normally slept around 2am shifted their sleep times to 7pm. Kai.. It was a disaster. I decided to follow them and sleep. What was the result? A downpour of broadcasts early this morning.

Normally, I am not pissed off by broadcast messages, I take them as people’s ways of getting things around quickly. I send them sometimes to find out certain things. One of my recent ones was this

Please who knows how to make pap/akamu/ogi. Please if you do, holla thanks”

Now you know the kind of broadcasts I send. They don’t really get to my brain sha, but it gets annoying when you receive the same broadcast from about 20 different people, most of them don’t even know themselves. This makes me think. How dumb are these so-called smartphone users? Why don’t you try to chat with someone first before sending a message you received from more than five different people. If your BBM isn’t working how would you receive the message in the first place. LOL.. Some people can be really dumb sha. The worst is that I told someone “Good morning” and this message was received, yet replied with

“062345877#REP :Broadcast this and your BBM will get repaired this is working

And the person still hasn’t still replied with a “Good morning”. Chai. Na wah sha.. Aal izz well, I see a red light blinking.

I guess its time for me to start my day. I do hope you have a Thrilling Thursday.. :). You can also catch me on twitter or facebook. If you aren’t in any of those networks, drop a comment or an email into uk.agwu@gmail.com. I would be happy to reply.

Till next time, a bientôt. 🙂


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