Mobile phones



For close to two days now, the company popularly known as Research in Motion has reported problems with their servers. With more than 8 million people with powerful thumb-power subscribed into their service, the supposed ‘bug’ in their servers has eaten a lot of happiness out of these people – socially, physically and financially.

This makes me to wonder whether the supposed ‘bug’ was planted by a company that just got a million pre-orders of a revamped edition of one of their high tech smartphones. We can never tell, we might never tell, but maybe someone did it to take people’s hearts away from a reputable mobile device. Truth remains, people are pretty pissed off due to the curent situation.

I recently logged into twitter (which of course, i log into every day here) and my timeline which was once full of my friends tweeting all sort of things (random, informational or just junk) was totally stripped down to RSS feeds and a few friends who could manage tweeting “via web”. Also, there was this one guy using “Twitter for iPad” and kept on tweeting junk which he wouldnt tweet on a normal day. It also seems the Fandroids have also come around to take over tweetverse. Oh well, all’s fair in birds and devices. We can never blame them.

Another thing i noticed was that the service providers used this chance to quickly reduce the quality of their voice and data services to the ‘loyal subscribers’ (and it seems they are pushing all the guilt to poor RIM). I and some of my friends have this cheat on our phones which allows us browse the web whether we have active blackberry services or not. Trying to open a simple code-scarce Google homepage was a real pain, even though we had a good amount of airtime which for me, was unfortunately drained when I decided to wait till the page opens. Calling people was even a worse experience. Hearing that high frequency ‘Call Failed’ noise was just the most annoying thing someone could hear in a day. To top it off, my service provider Airtel sent me a message saying

Dear customer, we regret to inform you that you will not be able to use the Blackberry service. This is a technical issue worldwide. Airtel will let you know as soon as it is up.

Of course, I said that with a funny voice. LOL! So now that Airtel has finally informed me (subliminally) that they have cut my connection to their (Airtel’s) routers which normally connected me to the RIM servers (and they said it while washing their hands clean of any guilt), do they expect me to call anyone if all I’ll hear on the first few tries was a headache-inflicting noise. Of course, they do, so that when it finally goes through, they’ll cut a large amount of money, and I can’t complain.

Think about a lot of things that depend on the Blackberry Service – businesses, relationships, finances and many more. Every thing just put on the dreaded HOLD. Later, RIM would say its stocks are down by 90% and decide to cut everyone off permanently. GOD FORBID.

Oh well, since we are in that situation now, I urge you to join the millions of Blackberry users worldwide to raise your blackberry to the sky to observe one minute of silence for a ‘bug’ in the RIM servers (who knows, we might even hear the bug noisily chewing off bits of information).

Also, I think this is an oppurtunity for us to analyse how our lives depend on our mobile devices and take this as really useful advice.


Also, I really pray this problem gets fixed as soon as possible. I miss ‘recent updates’ from the people around me. It seems as if the whole world has gone dead! 😦