Hello folks. Been a long time since I posted a log. I’m so sorry for that

I don’t even remember posting the part two of The Night before and the next day air. I wrote that in my real diary. But its seems as though laziness has taken its toll. Also, I think posting it at this moment would be so out of sync even though its an interesting memory.

Let’s fast forward to this moment. »»»

I just finished mass celebration at church. It was awesome! But as you all probably know, there are sometimes when a good and interesting thing goes on for so long that is becomes painfully boring.
Let me give you another situation. Recently I watched Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides . Of course, I didn’t watch it at a cinema. And as with the other POTC movies, its duration is beyond one hour and thirty minutes [the average duration of regular movies]. I slept off half way into the movie. Kai! I’m not saying the movie was boring oh! Its just that it took so long to finish that it sort of became a ‘bore-simulator’.

As I sit here in a bus home. I see the trees. These living things don’t undergo boredom! Chai! God is good. There’s always something happening to keep the leaves moving. Wind blowing, birds perching and the likes. Sometimes, I wish I could be like a tree, but note that I’m not wishing to be a tree (vegetable). LOL.

Okay, the moral of this post is that no matter what you are doing. As far as other humans are involved, try not to make it too long, as it may become an awful pain to listen to – especially when the other party is also listening to the speech in their stomachs.

Have a great Sunday folks. God Bless!

PS: I reinstalled the WordPress app for my device. So hopefully, I’ll be around more often. 😀