Hey folks, I guess we survived the whole end of the world story. Again!
I could say slept quite late the 20th, or I slept quite early on the 21st, but either way, I think you’ll get what I’m talking about. It was 2 am of the 21st morning and I was still awake. Chatting with my best pals, tweeting about this whole Judgement day thing, and there was even an ‘end of the world confessions’ trend. My cousin and I were sharing a bed and he was fast asleep. I was watching him, so that just in case he started floating off without me, I’ll quickly grab hold of him. Crazy, huh? Who wants to be on earth when the earthquakes and fires described by the 2012 movie begin? I would love a lot more adventure in my life, but certainly not that kind.

Well, I wonder what Mr. Harold Camping is planning to tell us now that he has refused to answer his door. Maybe another miscalculation, or even a heavenly revelation of postponement. Come on! The man shouldn’t have said anything at all. Now people have turned this whole Rapture statement into ridicule. Atheists at the city where his network resides are making ‘good fun’ of it. Someone is even selling jewelry with the engraving ‘Good without God’. There’s even a book coming out on May 24th by that same name. Also, the Cable News Network has named it ‘Mis-Judgement Day’. Wow! The man cries wolf once again.

As for me, I’ll just go about my daily routine as always. Always praying hard that humans will allow God into their hearts. Yes, you might fall along the way. Yes, you might forget to pray. But God sees you as his child and will forgive you (that doesn’t mean you should try to take advantage of that fact). As far as you don’t stop believing in God, you will always be safe. For sure, the world will sure end one day, but in my own opinion, it isn’t in the next 50 or so years. But think about it, the world doesn’t necessarily have to end before you die. You might die tomorrow and where will your soul go! Where will your conscience sleep! Think about it, and think real hard. Happy Sunday folks, enjoy yourselves. 😀


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