Waking up to hunger
Not the best there is
Where’s my home-made burger
My bad – I left it for the fleas

First I call the money makers
To give me my own cut of the dough
God! One of them isn’t picking up his shakers
I guess he’s gone with half my blow

Time to eat something good
Where is the cafeteria when you need her
I need to eat some real food
But bread and cheese spread is what is there

Now, I am well packed and ready
But the lady I’m travelling with (my cousin FYI) is still packing
Ladies are always less ready
I wonder if she’s up-making

As I sit in this metallic gray bus
On the soft red leather chairs
I can’t help but feel a small spark of joy force
Its way through me as I leave this place

Been 3 hours and we’re still on the road
No sleep’s coming thanks to the lady beside me
She’s so full of adventure. I never get bored
I should have posted this long ago, well its all glee

My friend and my cousin keep on sleeping and waking
My eyes never fall, its like a new awakening
Marilyn, that’s her name, she’s so full of gist
We are even planning a bucket list

Cool down people, she’s just a new friend I made
I almost never make new friends this way, but that’s the new
Most times on a bus, its into sleep I fade
I’ll surely give you more stories, but that’s in Part 2


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