Yeah, most of my friends are gone, most of my jobs are done, but none of these days are fun. Contrary to the popular cliché “Thank God its Friday”, I say “Thank God its Monday”. I can’t wait for Tuesday to be here, so that I can leave this forsaken place! Urrgh!

I went to my friend’s place this morning, and I couldn’t resist watching 3 Idiots with him. I swear, that movie is a must watch. It probably never gets boring, except when you’ve watched it about a hundred times, or occasionally when you are watching it with someone who knows the story from beginning to end. Well if you haven’t watched the movie, here’s the trailer.

3 Idiots Trailer

If it appeals to you (I know it will), I normally don’t endorse this, but download it off rapidshare or any of those file sharing sites. Or rather, buy the DVD.

As I stand outside my hostel, watching more of my friends go and my crush board the bus. I can’t help but picture them eating better food while I’m here dividing my rations so I don’t have to cook before I go. Now, talking about things to do before I go, I can’t really see anything worth spending much time on except twitter or facebook. Well, although I’ve packed my stuff, washed my dirty clothes and also put my fridge on defrost, the bad thing about today is that my laptop is not showing any signs of coming on, its probably some graphic card problem. So its just an empty day (without movies or games) for me. I hope yours will be much better than mine.

If you have a big collection of movies, here are my top ten movies of last week so you can watch if your friend or someone has them. (They are a mixture of old and new movies).

    3 Idiots
    The Proposal
    Fast Five
    Eagle Eye
    Death at a funeral
    Big Mommas Like father Like son
    Wrong Turn 3
    Prince of Persia
    All about Steve

Aal Izz Well!


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