Sorry folks, my daily pendowns weren’t really daily again. Well let’s just blame it on the end of semester exams. Yes, Yes, Yes!!! I’m done with my first year in this tiring school. Time to go home and eat some eba. Oh, but wait, what about those guys owing me cash. I have to stay back a bit to get it from them. I’ve really missed eba and egusi soup oh. I don’t know how many of you also miss it too. God! I can feel the taste of last holiday’s own on my tongue now.

Well, first year in this school has had its ups and downs. Last semester, we thought the courses were hard. But this semester, those ones seemed like beans oh. I just give thanks to God for the fact that I didn’t trail any course. Thank you Baba. I hope this semester, it will be the same story. No trails.

Can you imagine a course called ‘TRANSFORMERS’. Man, the transformers I used to know were some robots that changed into cars and fought each other. Autobots and some villain bots. And even this one is not even like the physics transformers where you have “N1/N2 = V1/V2”.. Well that one is there, but òmò, this one na die. The course itself was just abstract for me oh. I guess I have never really had a keen interest in all these electrical courses – just like last semester’s “applied electricity”. Its only God I give myself to when I enter the exam hall. And the bad part is that almost all my coursemates understood the course. Well, I leave my score in that course in God’s hands.

Thermodynamics, relating to the transfer of heat to produce energy. Well, its not as if I didn’t understand the course, but I made a stupid mistake, I went to register for a tutorial. This tutor kept on emphasizing on steam tables
“Read your steam tables, steam tables, its hard oh” the tutor kept on ringing in our heads. We used this steam tables to the point that I knew some of the common values in my head, but when the test came, well, it was relatively easy, but there was no steam table work, so the part of the handout I skipped was the question we were to answer. Man, I used a very dangerous formula. And got a very wrong answer. The exam was good sha, because I learned my lesson. I read the whole thing this time. But I still leave my final score in that one in God’s hands.

Analysis, at first ehn, this one was something else oh, they brought out a computer based test, and see people failing now. Mehn, the values I heard were 2 to 20 out of 30. I got somewhere close to 20 though, but it wasn’t good enough, considering the fact that I had also registered for a 200 cedi tutorial. Mehn, see people laughing at me. But when it came to the exam, God just helped me, I used my calculator for most of the integration and differentiation, and I hope I get something good.

In every school, every department, IT (Information Technology) is meant to be interesting and relatively easy as far as you know how to use a comnputer. But this one, is a case oh, the first quiz they gave use, I got a digit. Man, I had to shine my eyes oh. This was a case where the IT that my department was doing was far different from what other departments were doing. They would be doing quizzes and assignments on Microsoft Word, while we were busy crunching numbers to get their binary form. Hmm… It wasn’t easy. But well, we shall all scale through sha.

Communication skills: I know what I studied this semester will help me throughout life. Thank you lecturer! Memos, letters, reports and the likes. Thank you God for a no-complaints paper!

Basic Electronics: Talk about micro-power, the lecturer surprised us with the fill in the blanks paper. Mehn, no options, that means no elimination. Mehn, my eyes started turning me in the exam hall, but the test was okay for me, so the exam should be a good one. I leave that one to God Almighty.

Electrical Drawing: This is one course I would say I loved very much. Thabk you God for a no-complaints paper once again. This time, I survived 3 hours of constant drawing by the grace of God. Na wah oo..

So finally, I’m done with Year 1. Finally I’m no longer a freshman. And finally, I can now play my two favorite songs for today.

I’m coming home – P. Diddy

Home is where the heart is – McFly

I’m going home– Chris Daughtry

I’ll be back home in a few days. Then finally eat the main thing. EBA.. Good day folks.