Compete or co-opereate


Why, why, why?? Why does everything in this continent have to be a competition. Can you imagine, people are even competing to enter a cab to go to church. Why can’t we just live un-competing lives.

I remember when I was in secondary school. One day when the mangoes on the tree near our hostel got ripe,some of us were standing near the tree in case any mango falls (because we weren’t allowed to climb and pluck any). After a few hours of waiting, one finally fell. Chai, see boys running to catch that poor mango. That poor juicy mango. I don’t think I can forget that day, I was running and pushing around until it happened.

Gbamm! I fell to the ground like a tired tree. Can you imagine, an SS1 boy falling to the ground in front of his juniors. Man, I felt like dying, but could not, I just stood up,  with my reps well roasted and walked straight to the prep hall then slept the whole night prep away.

I also remember my first semester in this university. When we would all go to class about an hour ahead so that when the people in the class finish, we can all struggle in to get a front seat. See people in university oo, everyone trying to get in and at the same time, leave through one small door. Chai. I once thought that when I came to this place, I would be enjoying spacious classes with enough amana (AC) pumpin’. I was so wrong. It didn’t take me long to realise that you have to compete for front seat to be able to make something out of the class, if not, just forget it.

Just this morning, I woke up, prayed, had my bath and dressed up for church. Subconsciously, I was also looking through my balcony to see if there are any cabs around, and yet, there were none. Can you imagine, these cab drivers on a normal day, they would say

“These private cab people are taking all our customers away”

Yet every sunday, there would be cab scarcity. What would people like me who are not among the BIG boys and girls who have rides now do?

Ok, back to the focus – competition. I got my self to the cab station, and as i was standing there oo, hands in my pocket pacing around a little, feeling like a small BIG boy, this red and yellow cab came to drop two women who sell – in their own words, “bent butter bread, sugar bread, bran bread”. Well, they don’t actually say ‘bent’ but i usually don’t get what they say. Now, as the man dropped them, three girls got in quickly, and one guy (their friend, I suppose) was just standing there. As i wanted to rush in from the other side, before I knew what was happening, one of the girls shouted

“Jack, what planet are you from”

What kind of question is that? I stood there wondering. Before I knew it again, the girls had shifted towards my side so that their guy can enter. Na wah for competition oo.

Well, I got to church with the next cab (I still had to compete for a seat too), and came back with one of my BIG boy friends who had a car (a Jeep for that matter).

The bone marrow here is that everywhere in this axe-head shaped continent, people love competition. Whether its getting something to eat, coming out as the top student in the class, faculty or the whole school, most popular person, best FIFA 11 player, or just about anything we can think of, we keep on competing. I just want you guys to know that it’s not every time competition helps us, sometimes, we also have to work together to create a strong grapevine.

Till next time, keep on going about your daily lives with co-operation in mind, and you will see that things flow smoother when you co-operate and eat! Peace.

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