Ohkay, now I have started blogging. Now I have joined the revolution. Now everyone can know what is happening in my daily life. The internet is just one big girlfriend you know. Here’s why:

Facebook asks me “Hey sweetie, what’s on your mind?”

Twitter asks me “Hello babe, what’s happening?”

Foursquare even follows to ask “Honey, where are you?”

And now, WordPress wants me to keep my diary in her bosom. Na wah oo… The only thing now is that the internet cannot make children if not, I would have married her by now. Ok all these things aside, she’s actually not that interesting always you know. Tell me the truth. Don’t you get tired after refreshing your Facebook home page and checking all your notifications a few times, don’t you get fed up when most of the people you see on your Twitter timeline keeps on trending one topic. Facing fact also, most of my friends aren’t even on Foursquare.

You see, that’s why I say the internet is just one big girlfriend. You will surely get tired of her after a while, but you will surely go to her the next day. Not to talk of the people who are constantly connected to the internet – THE BLACKBERRY USERS ! That’s a topic for another day though. Well, since this is my first post, I have to keep it short and simple. I even have an exam tomorrow. Wish me luck folks. Thanks. 🙂